What we offer in Litigation Support Services:

Andrew Haling brings over 10 years of experience in personal injury and litigation experience. He has taken over a hundred depositions, opposed motions for summary judgment, argued motions to compel discovery, conducted written discovery, and handled expert discovery. If you are a Plaintiff’s law firm and need support in working on a case and getting it settled, contact Haling Law for affordable high quality legal work to get the result your client(s) deserve.

Further, Haling Law has handled a wide variety of personal injury cases and brings a deep knowledge of many cases to provide your firm with unique insight. Haling Law has handled cases at every stage and whether its help with an initial scene investigation, advice on medical care, litigation services (depositions, motions, discovery), or trial itself, Haling Law can help you today.

Haling Law can either be hired with a retainer and paid hourly, or receive a fee split as co-counsel. Additionally, if Haling Law is hired as co-counsel, the law firm can assist in funding the case to achieve the best possible outcome.

Services Offered

  • Shepherding a Client through proper medical care
  • Obtaining the best medical services for your client
  • Review of medical diagnosis and prognosis
  • Demand Letters
  • Scene investigation
  • Early Expert consultation to build your case
  • Drafting and filing lawsuits
  • Written Discovery
  • Motion Practice
  • Defeating Motions for Summary Judgment
  • Defending Depositions
  • Prepping Your Client for Deposition
  • Witness Depositions
  • Opposing Party Depositions
  • Person Most Knowledgeable Depositions
  • Expert Discovery
  • Expert Depositions
  • Pre-trial motions (e.g. Motions in Limine)
  • Trial preparation
  • Trial

Cost of Services

Haling Law will carefully review your needs to assess the most cost effective way Haling Law can provide your firm and its client(s) with the highest quality of legal care. Alternatively, Haling Law will pay referral fees for taking over cases or split attorney fees as co-counsel and provide funding to maximize the results.

There is no need to back down from an aggressive defense counsel or insurance company, Haling Law is ready to step in to even the odds and ensure a case of any size has the best possible legal advocacy.

Services offered are strictly available to only Plaintiffs, no defense work is engaged in by Haling Law.

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