Why you need an attorney for insurance settlements:

Despite what you hear in the television commercials, you must understand that insurance companies are not on your side. Upon receiving a claim, an insurance company has two goals. First goal is to pay as little as possible to increase profits. The second goal is to engage in what’s called the “float,” which is a business strategy to delay payouts to buy the insurance company more time to use money you’re entitled to recover for their own investment purposes.

You may have never made a personal injury claim before and it is completely reasonable to expect your claim will be handled in a fair and impartial manner. The insurance company’s adjuster who speaks with you will even try to earn your trust with phrases such as “I’m so sorry this happened to you.” Don’t be fooled, this is a billion dollar industry that invests millions into the propaganda and psychology of minimizing settlements and delaying as much as possible. The last thing an insurance company wants is for you to go hire an attorney because they know you are easier to take advantage of without a professional on your side. The insurance company has entire teams of professionals working against you. To use an analogy, do not go into a boxing ring against a trained fighter unless you have the requisite training yourself.

By hiring an attorney, you will maximize your compensation and have an aggressive professional fighting to protect your rights. Haling Law stands ready to fight for you.

Haling Law provides the following services on insurance claims:

  • Shepherding a Client through proper medical care and/or documentation with damages
  • Hires experts and provides resources to assists you in your recovery that would otherwise not be available to you
  • Uses a network of known professionals and experts to maximize your claim’s value and fight insurance companies
  • Obtaining the best medical services or other services to repair the damage you suffered
  • Review of medical diagnosis and prognosis
  • Review of expert reports to guide you through the process
  • Handles all communications with insurance companies and defense attorneys
  • Scene investigation
  • Litigation of your case if it does not settle
  • Haling Law will take your case to trial if an insurance company makes unreasonable offers

Cost of Services:

Haling Law is hired by clients on contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay unless Haling Law wins on your behalf. There is no bill or payment required to speak with Haling Law. You lose nothing by speaking with Haling Law and only gain the potential of obtaining an attorney to fight for your rights.

What type of compensation can I recover from a car accident?

Damages in a case is typically split into two separate legal categories: Special Damages and General Damages. Special Damages consist of items such as medical bills, future medical care, out of pocket loss, lost wages, loss of earnings, loss of future earnings, etc. Think of Special Damages as anything that you can assign a number for, show documentation of the dollar amount, or have a receipt. Even if your health insurance paid the bill or an employer paid your sick time, these are damages you are still entitled to recover. General damages is also labeled as pain and suffering, this is about the actual pain you felt or continue to feel, the impact on your life, the damage of relationships that medical problems can cause, the additional stress, the loss of enjoyment in your favorite activities etc.

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